If you want the same high quality as in a new machine, but at a more affordable price, then a reconditioned machine might be the solution for you. We have a large range of reconditioned machines. 

The reconditioning of each machine consists of:

  • Cleaning with professional tools and materials.
  • Reconditioning of needlebeds.
  • Reconditioning of camboxes with stitchmotors, magnets and camparts.
  • Reconditioning of takedownrollers, belts, motors and mechanism.
  • Reconditioning of yarncarriers and yarntensions.
  • Checking electronic cards, electric, fans, battery, monitor and keyboard.
  • Checking / reconditioning main and racking motor.
  • Testing the machine in full working order.
  • Adjusting stitch quality cams and other settings.
  • Small set of spareparts, books and software included for first operation.

Reconditioning Machines will be prepared for transport with great care:

  • Sprayed with oil and all metal parts greased.
  • Covered with oilpaper and plastic.
  • Packed and secured on wooden pallet or box.
  • Or secured on truck with strapping belts and wood.


  • Machines will be delivered with 6 months guarantee.
  • We can take care of installation and instruction wherever you are by our own experienced people.
  • We can supply original spare-parts all over the world.

Please check our machine list to see our actual stock.