New Stoll Knitting Machines

We are official agent of STOLL knitting machines in The Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania. Stoll has been successfully producing flat-knitting machines for more than 140 years. Stoll machines remain at the forefront of the industry, combining highly sophisticated technology with unrivalled flexibility and simplicity. 

We gladly refer to the Stoll website for all new machines and applications.


Reconditioned machines

If you want the same high quality as in a new machine, but at a more affordable price, then a reconditioned machine might be the solution for you. We have a large range of reconditioned machines for knitters. Please see our current stock of reconditioned machines below. 


STOLL CMS 422.6E7/E1296″2 pcST7.11STOCK
STOLL CMS 320 TC CE3/E3.550″2 pcST 168STOCK
STOLL CMS 320 TCE8/E1250″1 pcST 168STOCK
STOLL CMS 330 TCE550″2 pcST 168STOCK
STOLL CMS 340 TC  E10/E1250″2 pcST 168STOCK
STOLL CMS 340 TC-LE10/EE6.272″1 pcST 168STOCK
STOLL CMS 422 TCE5/E796″3 pcST 168/268/468STOCK
STOLL CMS 433 TCE5/E10/E1296″6 pcST 168/268/468STOCK
STOLL CMS 520CE3,550″1 pcOKC 3.0STOCK
STOLL CMS 830CE2,5.284″1 pcOKC 3.0STOCK
STOLL CMS 822 HPE2,5.2/E3,5.284″3 pcOKC 3.0StTOCK
STOLL CMS 530 OKCE2,5.2/E7.250″2 pcOKCSTOCK
STOLL CMS 933 HPE5/E7/E10/E1296″4 pcOKC 3.0STOCK
Last update:20-9-2021    

Other machines available upon request. For all machines we can supply pictures on request! Make your enquiry to